Unified Security and Alerting Solution

Introducing Inside|Out

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A Scalable and Affordable

Intrusion Detection

Inside|Out gives you the ability to detect and alert on actions that compromise your network. If a Breach occurs you will be notified.

Asset Discovery

Each endpoint creates an opportunity for a cyber threat. With Inside|Out you always know when a device is connected or disconnected from your network.

Behavioral Monitoring

Inside|Out immediately begins gathering data about your network to understand “normal” activity, so that when the abnormal happens you are alerted!


Inside|Out logs all activity and saves it to your User Portal, as well as provides reports so that you are continuously aware of all aspects of your network.

Inside|Out Breach Monitoring

ICS Medtech is proud to introduce Inside|Out, a software appliance that monitors your network for a potential breach and alerts you at the sign of a risk.

Threat Detection
Behavioral Monitoring
Real-Time Analytics
Log Retention and Reporting
HIPAA and PCI Compliance